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Introduction to Cybersecurity

An overview of how to disrupt those bad actors and protect computer systems from malicious use. The course approaches security from a red team perspective to learn how to understand and think like a hacker.

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Managing People

You landed the management role; now learn the “soft skills” for leading a team, navigating high-stakes conversations and improving employee engagement.

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Career Directions

Feeling like you might need to move in a new career direction?  Our 6 week course will help you navigate toward purpose and success.

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We'll help you identify your unique strengths, build a sphere of support, and set goals to realize your mental and emotional wellness. And this time, it will stick.

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Software Development Certificate

We will equip you with the basics of creating software solutions, from key programming concepts to database management skills to architecting a full-stack application.

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Our leadership certificate for women gives you the confidence to make values-based decisions, speak up with clarity and conviction, and lead with integrity.

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Here’s What Our LEARNers Have to Say

Stephanie Luby, Elevate participant

"I am a working mom and have not pursued going back to school because I don’t have a lot of free time. This course offered me the opportunity to learn from other women and dip my toes into going back to school. When I was presented with this opportunity, I was going through a time where I was trying to find myself and my purpose. I just started a new position at work, and my confidence in myself and my skills were quite shaky. The topics covered in this course immediately caught my eye as they were areas I was struggling with: lack of confidence, afraid to speak up, and questioning if I made the right decision. I invested because of the topics covered and the fact that this was an all-women’s group. I felt like I would be able to be vulnerable and the environment would be free from judgment as we are all women working on ourselves. Elevate helped me identify my purpose and reignited my passion for what I do, while providing a space where women lift one another up without competing for the next level."

Meet Our Instructors & Coaches

Beth Abbey

"The Flourish program provides the right balance of challenge and support so that people feel empowered rather than overwhelmed. We can’t be fully successful in our careers or communities if we don’t take steps toward optimizing our own well-being. When we take care of ourselves, those around us are more likely to flourish as well."

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Elizabeth Campbell

“Career development is not just about finding a different job. It’s about breaking free from constraints and embracing possibility. And individuals aren’t the only ones who benefit from that. Organizations also thrive when their employees want to realize their potential. These tools aren't just about individual growth; they're about transforming workplaces by fostering a culture of empowerment and achievement.”

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Josh Roe

“Knowing how to navigate change is a core leadership skill. It builds resilience and adds incredible value to an organization. If it’s true that the “only constant is change,” savvy leaders will be those who embrace the challenges that organizational change brings.”

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Dan Mahoney

"Everybody wants to be 'innovative,' but few actually know how to do that in a way that establishes defensible competitive advantages. Learning a reliable approach to innovation – either new business or within existing enterprise – is central to an organization's ability to survive, grow and prosper.”

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Ayaka Dohi

"Differences and diversity are not innately contentious, nor do they have to lead to conflict. I’m passionate about helping people learn to experience curiosity and appreciation instead of fear and frustration. It takes skill, experience and intention to lead across differences, but when we do, we all win."

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Barbara Visser

"Managers are the KEY to the employee experience. When managers build trust, inspire others and provide clarity, the employees on their team find meaning in their work, stay engaged and perform better. By deepening self-awareness and increasing trust in themselves, managers can navigate workplace challenges with greater success.”

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